Angel Reese accused of stat-padding as Sky rookie extends historic WNBA double-double streak

Sky forward Angel Reese recorded her 14th consecutive double-double Wednesday against the Dream, but the statistical feat did not come without controversy.

Some onlookers accused the Chicago rookie of padding her stats late in the game where the result was already assured.

The assertions stem from the final 12 seconds of the Sky’s 78-69 win. Reese had just nine points on her ledger at that time, and Chicago held a seven-point lead. The Sky seemed content to let the clock run out, but Reese still called for the ball in the paint.

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Her teammate Marina Mabrey saw Reese’s plea and tossed the ball to her. The Dream then fouled Reese, and the 22-year-old drained two free throws to extend her streak.

Understandably, some WNBA fans are annoyed by how Reese got her 14th consecutive double-double, but it’s hard to blame Reese for wanting to continue her historic streak — the longest in WNBA history. Yes, the game was already decided, but she was just looking to get one last shot off to try to preserve her record.

That Reese got fouled was hardly her fault. If anything, Dream veteran Tina Charles may have switched onto Reese and swiped at her with the intention to give her a great chance to continue the streak.

Reese didn’t ask for that, however. She just requested the ball from her teammate and was granted her wish.

Perhaps if Reese was more blatantly forcing shots up at the end of the games, fans would have a legitimate gripe. That said, she attempted just nine shots in the contest and four free throws; had she been more aggressive earlier, she likely would have locked up the double-double well before the game’s final seconds.

Still, it’s fair to call what Reese did on Chicago’s final possession against Atlanta stat-padding. It’s just not as big a deal as certain fans are making it out to be — much like those up in arms about Reese’s penchant for grabbing her misses as offensive rebounds.

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Angel Reese’s stats vs. Dream

  • Points: 11
  • Rebounds: 13
  • Assists: 2
  • Steals: 3
  • Blocks: 2 
  • Turnovers: 2
  • Fouls: 4 
  • FG: 4-9
  • 3PA: 0-1
  • FT: 3-4

Even without her final two free throws, Reese would have had a great game against Atlanta. She and fellow rookie Kamilla Cardoso both posted double-doubles and were forces in the paint and on the glass for Chicago.

Reese continues to show off a well-rounded defensive skill set as well. Her effort level remains unmatched by most on the boards and in the paint on defense.

Reese now averages 14.1 points and a WNBA-leading 11.9 rebounds per game this season, and there’s a good chance she will finish the season averaging a double-double.

Will that be enough for her to earn the WNBA’s Rookie of the Year award over Caitlin Clark? Only time will tell. But even if not, Reese is having a great rookie season.

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