Braves’ hit celebration, explained: Atlanta batters lower hands for ‘too small’ gesture

It feels like every team in baseball has a unique celebration after hits or home runs. The Braves are no different.

As Atlanta is going through the playoffs, fans will notice that when players pick up hits or round third base, they appear to bend over and gesture their hands low.

Ronald Acuna Jr. has been among the most notable to do so, having had his likeness while making the gesture converted into a chain necklace he wore at the 2023 All-Star Game.

The Braves’ offense reached historic highs in 2023, posting the highest OPS+ in a season since the 1931 Yankees, so it’s safe to expect them to rack up plenty of hits when they play against the Phillies in the NLDS.

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What exactly is that celebration the Braves do when they pick up hits? Here’s what you need to know.

Braves’ hit celebration, explained

Fans of the NBA might recognize the celebration as being more common among basketball players. The celebration is called the “too small,” which is indicated by the Braves lowering their hands low down by their legs.

The celebration has largely been popularized by Acuna this year, with the team following suit. 

Acuna’s chain that he wore at the All-Star Game represented the celebration, which he explained is made after any hits or home runs.

“The chain is exactly what we do after we get a hit or a homer. We [make the gesture] to first base to our teammates,” Acuna said, according to ESPN.

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The celebration stems from the NBA. Players will gesture that their defender was “too small” to cover them, lowering their hands to make sure their opponent — and everyone watching — knows the opposing teams needs to try a bigger defender. It is unknown exactly who began the celebration, but it has been going on in the league for several years.

Braves’ big hat celebration

The Braves began the season with another celebration as well: wearing big hats. An article of clothing popularized by the NFL, the Braves began to wear big hats after hitting home runs.

But just as NFL players learned, baseball players had to quit wearing the hat. The problem was that New Era is the official hat provider of MLB, and the big hats are not made by New Era. The hat company filed a complaint, and the hats were banned from use.

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Fortunately, no one is going to come after the Braves and tell them to quit their “too small” celebration. 

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