Derrick Lewis Signs New Eight-Fight Deal with UFC

Derrick Lewis, the renowned former UFC title challenger and crowd favorite, has solidified his future in the Octagon by signing a new eight-fight deal with the UFC. This exciting development was announced this week by none other than UFC president Dana White and chief business officer Hunter Campbell. Lewis, hailing from Houston, disclosed that he had completed his contract with the UFC after his thrilling victory over Marcos Rogerio de Lima at UFC 291 on July 29. With his dry sense of humor and extravagant celebrations, Lewis has crafted a unique persona for himself within the promotion. With this new deal, it is clear that we will be witnessing more of his striking prowess in the coming years.

Dubbed “The Black Beast,” Derrick Lewis has etched his name in the UFC history books by holding the record for the most knockouts in the promotion’s history, with an impressive tally of 14. This astounding achievement showcases Lewis’ exceptional striking abilities and his formidable presence in the heavyweight division. Despite falling short in his bid for the UFC’s heavyweight championship against Daniel Cormier in 2018, Lewis remains a force to be reckoned with in the division. Currently standing as the UFC’s No. 10-ranked heavyweight, Lewis continues to captivate fans with his raw power and unfiltered personality.

Following his victory over de Lima, Lewis may have expressed uncertainty about his future with the UFC, even calling himself a free agent. However, the signing of this new deal puts an end to any doubts about Lewis’ commitment to the promotion. Having been a staple in the UFC since 2014, Lewis is eager to continue his journey within the organization. Dana White, never one to shy away from expressing his admiration for fighters, took the opportunity to shower Lewis with praise. “I love Derrick,” White declared. “Personally and professionally, I love the guy.” These sentiments from the UFC president further attest to Lewis’ value as an athlete and entertainer.

A Promising Road Ahead

With this new deal in place, the path ahead for Derrick Lewis is paved with excitement and possibilities. The eight-fight contract signifies the UFC’s confidence in Lewis’ abilities and marketability. As he takes on new opponents on his quest for championship gold, Lewis will undoubtedly continue to captivate fans with his unique personality, entertaining celebrations, and, above all, devastating knockouts. The heavyweight division is about to experience the force of “The Black Beast” once again, and fight enthusiasts around the world eagerly await his upcoming battles.

Derrick Lewis’ decision to re-sign with the UFC marks a turning point in his career. This new eight-fight deal solidifies his place in the promotion and presents him with the opportunity to achieve greatness. With his unmatched knockout record and captivating personality, Lewis has become a fan favorite. As he embarks on this new chapter, there is no doubt that Lewis will continue to leave fans in awe while entertaining them with his unique style both inside and outside the Octagon. The UFC’s heavyweight division is in for some thrilling encounters, and Derrick Lewis is at the forefront, ready to deliver his brand of chaos.

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