Dusty Baker explains ejection after Astros-Rangers brawl: ‘I haven’t been that mad in a long time’

There was plenty to go around in Game 5 between the Rangers and Astros.

Three were ejected after a brawl in the bottom of the eighth – Rangers’ Adolis Garcia and Astros’ Bryan Abreu and Astros manager Dusty Baker.

The fight happened after Garcia was hit by a pitch from Abreu. He immediately turned and yelled at catcher Martin Maldonado, as he believed the hit was intentional. In the sixth inning, Garcia hit a go-ahead three-run homer on the first pitch. His next at-bat, he was hit. On the very first pitch, no less. Regardless, it was a clear ejection.

After a discussion between the umpires, Abreu was thrown out, too, for what was determined a purposeful hit-by-pitch, which is grounds for an automatic ejection. Baker was up in arms about this decision, not understanding how it was ruled intentional. The Rangers were leading 4-2, at this point, with one runner on base and no one out.

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Baker later said the ejection didn’t make any sense to him as there was no way to prove it was an intentional hit. Garcia hit a run off a ball that was down in the zone. Why wouldn’t Abreu and the Astros go up and in to a spot Garcia already struggles with?

Of course some pitches are going to stray, Baker said, “any time you’re throwing a projectile 97 mph, some of them are going to get away. I don’t care if you’re big league, Hall of Fame.” 

“How do you prove intent? That’s what I don’t understand,” Baker continued. “And I haven’t been that mad in a long time. I don’t usually get mad about nothing.”

It was an 11-minute delay, but it didn’t affect the Astros; they went on to win the game in the top of the ninth.

Jose Altuve sent one left for a three-run score to put Houston back ahead 5-4. The Rangers couldn’t find an answer at the bottom of the inning, falling behind in the series 3-2.

Did the scuffle cause an awakening for the home team?

“I don’t know. I wasn’t seeing nothing. I was just seeing red,” Baker said. “I hope it did. And if that’s what it takes sometimes, I guess you’ve got to do it.”

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