Facing Adversity: Nancy Franco’s Journey in the World of Boxing

Nancy Yesenia Franco de Alba, popularly known as Nancy Franco or “Chatita,” has endured countless trials and triumphs throughout her remarkable boxing career. Hailing from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Franco emerged from a family deeply ingrained in the sport of boxing, with her father and brother both competing as amateurs. With limited options on her horizon, Franco found solace in the art of boxing and has now dedicated 14-1/2 years of her life to her craft. She aspires to remain a professional boxer until the age of forty, determined to make the most out of her passion.

A Journey of Highs and Lows

In November 2008, Franco made her professional debut, triumphing over Araneli Luna in a three-round bout. Rising rapidly through the ranks, she found herself fighting in a ten-round match during only her fifth professional bout. Her talent and potential led to numerous opportunities, such as competing for the WBC Youth minimumweight title in January 2011, where she unfortunately suffered a sixth-round defeat against Ibeth Zamora Silva. Despite this setback, her determination remained unyielding as she fought for the same title 17 months later, only to face defeat once more, this time against Anami Torres.

However, Franco’s perseverance paid off when she reached the pinnacle of her career in November 2013. She traveled to Japan and secured the IBF world minimumweight crown after a hard-fought ten-round decision against Kayoko Ebeta. Although she lost the title to Victoria Argueta in May the following year, Franco showed her resilience, reclaiming the belt in a rematch with a split decision victory in February 2015. This accomplishment cemented her status as a two-time world champion.

Chasing the Dream

Eager to unify the championship, Franco aimed for the WBC 105-pound title, only to be defeated in a decision loss to Yuko Kuroki during another trip to Japan. Despite this setback, Franco refused to be disheartened. She decided to move up in weight class to the light flyweight division, where she faced off against Yesica Bopp and suffered a ten-round defeat. Merely months later, she challenged Seniesa Estrada at the L.A. Forum, resulting in an eight-round decision loss. With numerous setbacks, it is essential to acknowledge the caliber of opponents Franco has consistently faced throughout her career. Even in defeat, she has shown remarkable determination and resilience.

Franco’s undying spirit led her back to the realm of professional boxing, this time in pursuit of the WBA 115-pound belt against Anabel Ortiz in July 2017. Unfortunately, she faced defeat once again in a ten-round decision. The last few years have proven challenging for Franco, with seven losses in her last nine bouts, including a stoppage loss to Adelaida Ruiz as she vied for the WBC “silver” title at 115.

Defying the Odds

Despite her recent setbacks, Franco’s fierce dedication to her craft remains unwavering. Her last bout in May against the undefeated Tania Enriquez ended in an eight-round decision loss, further fueling Franco’s determination to come back stronger. Many boxers boast about their willingness to face any opponent at any time, but Franco’s actions speak for themselves. Throughout her career, she has consistently faced world-class fighters, a testament to her courage and unyielding spirit.

With a professional record of 19-17-2, including 5 knockouts, Franco has suffered knockout defeats in only three of her losses. She has gone toe-to-toe for eight rounds or longer a staggering 15 times, showcasing her remarkable stamina and unrelenting resilience. These qualities may prove invaluable when she faces off against Christina Cruz, an amateur legend, at Sony Hall on August 10.

Franco’s unique boxing style revolves around her relentless forward movement and a keen eye for counterpunching opportunities. She possesses an indomitable spirit and an exceptional ability to withstand punishment. As a result, Franco consistently poses a legitimate challenge to even the most elite competitors in the ring.

Should Franco emerge victorious against Cruz, it would be the ultimate triumph for the resilient boxer whose passion for the sport runs deep in her veins. Notably, Franco’s lineage adds a touch of sweetness to her story, as she happens to be the daughter of a candy maker. In the face of adversity, she continues to exemplify the true spirit of a fighter.

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