FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 prize money and salaries: How much do countries earn for winning?

For the 32 teams competing at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the prestige of being crowned the best basketball nation in the world was up for grabs, along with 2024 Olympic qualification on the line. But there was also a significant chunk of prize money from FIBA.

For countries like the tournament-favorite United States, the prize money might not move the needle that much, but it becomes especially important for the smaller nations competing in the tournament, who can use that money to continue to grow the game and infrastructure locally.

The Sporting News breaks down the key details of the prize money at the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

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Total prize money at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup

According to BasketNews, a total of $3.2 million euros ($3.43 million USD) has been allocated for distribution among the 32 participating national teams.

Each of the 32 national teams that qualified for the FIBA World Cup will receive a bonus of 50,000 euros ($53K USD). The top 16 teams will receive an additional 100,000 euros ($107K USD) each.

Those 16 countries are Georgia, Greece, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Montenegro, Australia, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Serbia and Germany.

The breakdown of the prize money for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup has not yet been revealed.

In 2019, the winner received $2.5 million from a $15 million pot, while the runner-up took home $1.5 million and third and fourth place, $1.2 million.

The 2019 winners prize saw a significant raise from the $1 million prize in 2014, where second place took home $600,000, and third and fourth $350,000 each.

Here is the breakdown of prize money based on a $15 million pool. 

All figures are in USD.

FIBA World Cup prize money breakdown
Position Prize money
Winner $2.5 million
Runner-Up $1.5 million
Third and Fourth place $1.2 million
Fifth to Eighth place $800,000
Ninth to Sixteenth place $550,000
Seventeenth to Thirty-Second place $200,000

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