Inter Miami season tickets: Lionel Messi demand causes 2024 prices soar to most expensive in world

Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami has brought with it a craze for fans to get a glimpse of one of the sport’s most talented and legendary players of all time.

Along with that skyrocketing attention comes a leap in prices, and sadly the club seems to be passing that cost on to the supporters.

In 2024, Inter Miami will sport some of the world’s most expensive tickets, rivaling the prices of Champions League giants such as Barcelona, Arsenal, and other massive clubs around Europe, while dwarfing other MLS ticket packages.

While Fox Sports reported the club has an extensive waiting list for 2024 season tickets, the massive increase in price could push out many of the team’s most dedicated supporters who have been with the team since its inception in 2020, causing massive turnover in the fanbase.

A reminder that for most clubs, season-ticket packages include only home league matches, and while members usually get first access to purchase tickets for knockout competitions, those all come at an additional cost.

Inter Miami season tickets: Prices for 2024

The pricing structure for 2024 represents an enormous increase over the 2023 costs. The cheapest season ticket in 2023 was $485, but that will jump all the way to $884, which is an increase of 78.8%. There is a discount for fans who renew by October 7.

Meanwhile, a season ticket in the lower-level midfield club area, which includes upscale food and beverage options, cost $3,600 in 2023 but will now run $7,650 for the 2024 season, an increase of 113%, more than doubling year-over-year.

Inter Miami 2024 season ticket prices

Prices below courtesy of Inter Miami season ticketing release via the Miami Herald on September 28, 2023. Sections 2 through B are considered “premium” seating, while C through L are considered “standard.”

Code Section Price
2 Mid Loge $45,900
3 North Loge $42,840
4 South Loge $42,840
5 Midfield Club $7,650
6 East Field Seats $13,005
A Northwest Prime $5,440
B Northwest Midfield $4,420
C West Sideline $2,720
D West Reserved $2,380
E East Midfield $2,635
F East Upper Midfield $2,125
G East Sideline $1,955
H East Reserved $1,360
I North Goaline $1,054
J South Goaline $1,020
K South Stand $867
L North Stand Reserved $884

Inter Miami season tickets among most expensive in world for 2024

With the Inter Miami season-ticket cost increasing by a huge margin over its own pricing model from 2023 to 2024, the club now boasts some of the most expensive seats in world football, also rivaling that of other major sports in the U.S.

The cheapest season ticket for Inter Miami in 2024 is $867, which works out to $51 per match across the 17 home games in the upcoming MLS season. Meanwhile, a seat in the West Reserved section, which puts a fan in the upper deck near the middle of the pitch, is now priced at a whopping $140 per match.

According to Telemundo, this makes Inter Miami one of the most expensive tickets in the entire world. The cheapest Barcelona season ticket, for example, can be had for $377 for the season. Even while their prices are muted thanks to the next few seasons being played outside the under-construction Camp Nou, they are still just 25% cheaper than tickets to Barcelona’s famed home ground.

One of Europe’s most expensive tickets can be found at Tottenham, thanks in part to the brand new state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and even then its cheapest ticket is around $974, while its most expensive package comes out to $2,498 for the year.

The most expensive premium packages at Inter Miami in 2024, which will run supporters over $45,000, dwarf any of the most luxurious tickets in the Premier League. The most expensive season ticket in the EPL can be found at Fulham, where the Craven Cottage luxury booths are valued at $3,620. Barcelona’s most expensive season ticket is $1,826 for the full year.

The National Football League (NFL), the most popular sport in the United States by a massive margin, boasted an average ticket price of $112 in 2022, while the average NBA ticket price was $94 that year.

These prices also dwarf many other clubs in Major League Soccer. Orlando City SC, one of Inter Miami’s chief in-state rivals, have their cheapest season ticket available for just $324 in 2024, over half the cost of any Inter Miami season ticket, while their most expensive premium ticket costs $2,898. Meanwhile, another nearby rival, Atlanta United, will feature its cheapest season ticket for $605 in 2024, or just $525 for founding members.

Inter Miami season-ticket glitch causes scare

Already, price increases have Inter Miami season ticket holders on edge, but a computer glitch saw supporters fed an even bigger scare.

Mike Ryan, a Miami local who regularly appears on the radio program The Dan LeBatard Show, posted on social media his shock when he received a 2024 renewal for $30,600 for his two seats, which in 2023 cost just $6,802. Ryan then posted a follow-up a few hours later that stated he was contacted by Inter Miami representatives who indicated that pricing was incorrect thanks to a computer glitch that sent supporters quotes for additional seats they did not actually have.

Still, Ryan’s follow-up indicated that his error quote was doubled in price over the actual cost, which still leaves his seats increasing from around $6,800 to a whopping $15,300 for two seats, an increase of 125% year-on-year.

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