Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis rivalry explained: Breaking down beef between YouTuber and MMA fighter

KSI’s MF & DAZN: X Series is known for bringing unique individuals to the boxing world, from influencers to those in the adult entertainment industry. The series also has a plethora of trolls on its roster, with Dillon Danis being the most notorious of them all.

Danis, an MMA fighter, will finally leave the keyboard behind when he fights Logan Paul in a boxing match at the AO Arena Manchester on October 14 on DAZN PPV. 

The 30-year-old competes in his first pro fight since 2019 when he competed for Bellator. The Jiu-Jitsu gold and silver medalist and friend of Conor McGregor has sat by all these years while the Paul brothers have competed in boxing and pro wrestling events.

The build to the fight has been ugly, with Danis continually posting photos of Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, on social media. Also, some are expecting Danis to be a no-show, and Mike Perry is on standby, just in case.

While KSI and Tommy Fury are the main event, the People’s Main Event is Paul vs. Danis.

WATCH: KSI vs. Tommy Fury on DAZN

The Sporting News provides a brief history of the rivalry between the two. 

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis rivalry, explained

Danis has built up his social media presence by talking trash online. Calling out Paul at one point, Danis received an unexpected visit from “The Maverick” while filming content on Brendan Schaub’s podcast. In something of a gimmick, Paul launched water balloons at Danis, but that was only the beginning.

Paul’s partner with PRIME Energy, KSI, was supposed to fight Danis in January. The buildup to the event saw Danis attacked by various influencers. However, an “underprepared” Danis backed out at the last minute, which created more tension. 

Paul sees this as the perfect opportunity to fight Danis. 

“Why did I pick Dillon Danis?” Paul asked when on The MMA Hour via The Mirror. ”He doesn’t deserve me, but he does deserve to get the absolute s— kicked out of him. If I get to be that person, that’s very exciting to me because, let’s be honest, nothing about Dillon’s striking is mesmerizing. Nothing about Dillon’s striking makes you think twice about the danger on the feet. But he can sell a fight, bro. 

“He’s a good troll, he’s done a great job, I’ve got all the back end, and he’s got none of it. So s—, keep lining my pockets, shout out. He gets a flat rate. I don’t even have a flat rate.”

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The brother of Jake Paul got his wish, but there was a cost in the privacy of his fiancée. Nina Agdal, a model known for appearing in Sports Illustrated, has had photos of her aired all over social media by Danis. They include modeling photos and images of her with ex-boyfriends. When it came to Paul confronting him about it at a press conference, Danis remained silent. 

Agdal has since fired back, suing Danis via the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey in a  “revenge porn” complaint. She requested and was granted a temporary restraining order. Danis continues to troll Paul and Agdal but has cut down on the photos. 

“I will beat Logan and this case,” Danis told ESPN. “The biggest comeback in sports history.”

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