Nick Castellanos’ untimely home runs: A timeline of every time the Phillies star interrupted a somber moment

Nick Castellanos has been one of the Phillies’ best hitters this postseason, as Philadelphia attempts to get back to the World Series for a second consecutive year.

Any time Castellanos is hitting home runs, there is bound to be at least one that happens at the worst possible time. The two-time All-Star first hit a poorly-timed home run in 2020, sparking one of the best baseball memes in recent memory, and he just hasn’t stopped.

Castellanos added to the lore with an untimely home run during Game 3 of the NLDS against the Braves, though it admittedly wasn’t as uncomfortable as some of his others.

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Here’s a timeline of Castellanos’ awkward home runs, starting with his first deep drive to left field.

Nick Castellanos timeline of untimely home runs

Aug. 19, 2020

There’s nothing better than the original, right? Castellanos infamously homered during an on-air apology by Reds play-by-play broadcaster Thom Brennaman, who was caught on a hot mic saying a homophobic slur and subsequently resigned.

Mid-apology, Castellanos hit “a deep drive into left field,” and Brennaman gave baseball fans the awkward call that quickly became a viral meme.

Jul. 5, 2021

Castellanos did it a second time in 2021, when he homered while the Royals’ broadcast was eulogizing a World War II veteran who had died at age 97 two days earlier.

While two poorly timed home runs is one thing, Castellanos actually hit this one in the same building as the original — and to nearly the same part of the ballpark. “There’s a drive into deep left-center field,” the broadcast quietly said, interrupting the eulogy. 

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Mar. 27, 2022

This one might be cheating, considering it wasn’t a home run. In fact, it didn’t even take place during a game that counted. Still, it was another chapter in Castellanos’ lore.

Castellanos came through with his first hit in a Phillies uniform while the Blue Jays’ spring training broadcast was discussing pitching coach Pete Walker’s apology for a DUI arrest. As soon as the discussion ended, Castellanos knocked a bloop single into right field.

May 30, 2022

Castellanos didn’t let Memorial Day pass without hitting a home run in 2022. While homering on Memorial Day is nothing notable itself, Castellanos hit his blast just as Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy was paying tribute to fallen service members.

“…honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Castellanos rips one to deep left field. It is gone!” McCarthy said, instantly changing up his tenor to meet the moment. 

Oct. 11, 2023

As the Phillies continue to find success in October, it only makes sense that Castellanos would deliver in an awkward moment during the postseason.

That moment happened in Game 3 of the NLDS, when Castellanos hit his second home run of the night while TBS broadcaster Brian Anderson was sending well wishes to former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, who suffered a stroke in September.

The moment was a positive one, in Castellanos’ defense. Manuel has recovered well from what was initially a life-threatening situation, and the broadcast was making note of his progress.

Still, for all of the plate appearances that pass without any kind of story time or tribute during each broadcast, Castellanos certainly seems to find himself in more of these situations than just about anyone.

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