Paris Saint-Germain Under Fire for Excluding Kylian Mbappe from Preseason Tour

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is facing backlash from France’s National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) after excluding Kylian Mbappe from their upcoming preseason tour to Asia. This move comes amidst an ongoing contract dispute between the club and the talented forward. Reports suggest that PSG has made Mbappe available for transfer following a deterioration in their relationship last month. ESPN disclosed that Mbappe has no intention of extending his contract, which expires at the end of the upcoming season, opening up the possibility for him to leave for free in June 2024. However, PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi has firmly stated that they will not allow Mbappe, who has been the leading scorer in Ligue 1 for the past five seasons, to leave without a fee.

In a lengthy statement issued on Saturday, the UNFP, the primary trade union for professional football players in France, criticized PSG’s treatment of Mbappe. The union emphasized the importance of equal working conditions for all players and highlighted that pressuring an employee, such as through deteriorating working conditions, to leave or accept unfavorable terms is considered moral harassment under French law. The UNFP asserted its right to take both civil and criminal action against any club engaging in such behavior.

Dilemma for PSG

PSG has enjoyed significant success in domestic competitions, securing nine out of the last eleven Ligue 1 titles. However, their accomplishments have not been replicated in the UEFA Champions League, a trophy that has eluded the Parisian club despite substantial investments in their squad. The exclusion of Mbappe from the preseason tour presents PSG with a difficult predicament. If they allow Mbappe to enter the final year of his contract without a transfer, they will be unable to recoup any of the substantial €180 million ($200.2m) they spent to acquire him from AS Monaco in 2017.

There have been persistent rumors linking Mbappe with a move to Real Madrid, the record 14-time European champions. PSG must carefully consider their next move, weighing the financial implications against the potential loss of a key player and the risk of further damaging their relationship with the French forward.

Implications and Future Actions

The exclusion of Mbappe from PSG’s preseason tour has ignited a contentious debate within the footballing world. The actions of the club have raised questions about the treatment of players and the power dynamics between clubs and their star athletes. The UNFP’s strong response underscores the importance of ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for all professional footballers.

The fate of Kylian Mbappe remains uncertain, as negotiations between PSG and the player continue. It remains to be seen whether a resolution can be reached that satisfies all parties involved. PSG’s decision to exclude Mbappe from the preseason tour has undoubtedly intensified the standoff and added further complexity to an already intricate situation.

As the situation unfolds, the footballing community eagerly awaits developments, hoping for a resolution that respects the rights and interests of all parties involved. The outcome of this contract dispute will not only impact the future of Kylian Mbappe but also have broader implications for the evolving dynamics between clubs and players in the world of professional football.

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