The Future is Bright: Desmond Ridder Believes in Himself as Atlanta Falcons’ Starting Quarterback

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank recently expressed his belief in quarterback Desmond Ridder as the future of the franchise. Ridder, a third-round pick out of Cincinnati in 2022, finds Blank’s support “comforting.” After taking over as the starting quarterback for the final four games of last season, Ridder is now entering his first full season in that role. He appreciates the organization’s faith in his abilities, but he also aims to exceed their expectations and push himself to be even better.

Proving Himself on the Field

In his limited time as a starter last season, Ridder showed promise. He completed 73 of 115 passes for 708 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Falcons solidified his position as the starter by signing Taylor Heinicke as his backup during free agency in March. Despite this, Blank acknowledged the need to observe Ridder’s performance in upcoming games, but he expressed confidence in the young quarterback’s potential.

Support from the Falcons Organization

General Manager Terry Fontenot echoed Blank’s sentiment, expressing the team’s excitement about Ridder. Fontenot emphasized Ridder’s performance when he took over as the starter and showcased his ability to thrive in critical situations. Fontenot also praised Ridder’s resilience in the face of adversity, noting that he has responded positively to challenges. The organization believes in Ridder’s makeup, maturity, and potential for improvement.

A Process-Oriented Approach

The Falcons are an organization that prioritizes the process of improvement. Fontenot emphasized this aspect and stressed that Ridder has had a productive offseason. Ridder’s dedication to honing his skills and his commitment to constant improvement have not gone unnoticed. The team recognizes his hard work and expects him to continue developing in all areas of his game.

A Source of Motivation

Ridder finds the support from Blank and Fontenot especially meaningful. Hearing their belief in him “hits a little more closely to home” compared to hearing it from non-decision-makers within the organization. Their confidence serves as motivation for Ridder to prove them right and validate their faith in him.

Leadership and Dedication

During the offseason, Ridder embraced his leadership role and took the initiative to organize off-site throwing sessions with the team’s pass-catchers in the Atlanta area. This dedication to building chemistry and rapport with his teammates demonstrates his commitment to the team’s success. Ridder hopes that the extra effort put into these sessions will pay off during training camp and ultimately lead to a successful season for the Falcons.

Desmond Ridder is confident in his abilities as the Atlanta Falcons’ starting quarterback. Blank and Fontenot’s belief in his potential has provided Ridder with both comfort and motivation. Ridder’s previous performances and his dedication to improvement have garnered support from the organization. As he enters his first full season as the starting quarterback, Ridder is determined to exceed expectations and lead the Falcons towards success.

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