The Promising Start of Rookie Quarterback Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers’ training camp has been buzzing with the most consistent theme of rookie quarterback Bryce Young’s unshakeable composure. This exceptional quality was once again on display during Friday night’s preseason game against the New York Giants. Despite facing a series of setbacks and miscues, Young remained unrattled throughout the match.

Weathering the Storm

In one particular three-play span of his second series, Young seemed to be plagued by a chain of unfortunate events. He was sacked, penalized for a delay-of-game, and struck hard during a 15-yard completion to tight end Hayden Hurst – a play that was eventually nullified due to a holding penalty. Although these series of unfavorable events forced the Panthers to settle for a field goal, Young’s composure never wavered.

Coach Frank Reich was quick to praise Young, stating, “I thought Bryce looked sharp.” Despite the missed opportunities and penalties, Young managed to put together a solid drive that unfortunately fell short of a touchdown. Reich highlighted Young’s unwavering composure in the face of adversity, acknowledging the young quarterback’s desire to throw the ball more. Young finished the game with 3-of-6 completions for 35 yards, adding to his preseason statistics of 7-of-12 completions for 56 yards over two games.

Room for Improvement

While Young’s performance was commendable, there were instances where he could have had a higher completion rate. An example was seen when Jonathan Mingo prematurely stopped his route on a short pass over the middle. Despite this, the rookie quarterback demonstrated growth and connection with Mingo on a later 15-yard play. Reich commended Young’s ability to make the right protection calls against the Giants’ blitzes, applauding his comfort and poise in the pocket.

Young acknowledged the limited opportunities he has had during the preseason, stating, “Limited opportunities, but you’ve got to make those count.” However, he also highlighted the team’s improvement in communication from the first preseason game to the second. Despite room for improvement, Young expressed satisfaction in their ability to handle communication as a unit, emphasizing this as a positive aspect of their performance.

Uncertain Progression

Coach Reich remained noncommittal about Young’s potential participation in the upcoming preseason finale against the Detroit Lions. The decision will ultimately depend on the coaching staff’s assessment of areas that may require further work. When asked about his readiness for the season opener against the Atlanta Falcons on September 10th, Young expressed trust in the coaches’ decision. Nonetheless, both Reich and Young’s teammates have shown confidence and comfort in the rookie quarterback’s abilities.

Center Bradley Bozeman, on the television broadcast, praised Bryce Young’s demeanor, describing him as “cool, calm, and collected.” This attribute further reinforces the commendable composure Young has exhibited throughout training camp and preseason games, despite the challenges he has faced.

Rookie quarterback Bryce Young’s promising start with the Carolina Panthers is a testament to his remarkable composure and ability to remain unfazed in the face of adversity. Despite the series of setbacks and penalties, Young displayed sharpness on the field and the capacity to make the right decisions in high-pressure situations. While there is always room for improvement, Young’s performance has instilled confidence and trust among his teammates and coaching staff. As the preseason concludes and the regular season approaches, Young’s ability to maintain his cool, calm, and collected demeanor will undoubtedly be an asset to the Panthers’ offensive line.

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