The USWNT’s Coffee Obsession: Fueling Team Spirit and Socialization

The U.S. women’s national soccer team (USWNT) has made headlines for its amazing performance in the Women’s World Cup. While their skills on the field are undeniable, there is something else that seems to be fueling their success – coffee. The players have been asked about their downtime activities and socialization during the tournament, and the most common answer is their love for coffee. Unlike other teams who might spend their free time exploring local attractions, this team is all about getting their coffee fix and bonding over a shared caffeine obsession.

A Barista in Their Hotel

The USWNT’s base camp in Auckland, New Zealand, is equipped with a special coffee machine that can make a variety of coffee drinks, from flat whites to lattes. The machine even has a unique feature – it can print realistic photos on the drinks using food-grade ink. The players have taken full advantage of this Instagram-worthy machine, using it to display their favorite photos, heartfelt messages, and even pictures of their pets. The coffee machine has become a central part of their daily routine, bringing them together and adding a touch of fun to their days.

A Sponsor’s Contribution

The photo-printing coffee machine is not a standard feature at the hotel where the team is staying. It was brought in by Nike, one of the team’s sponsors through the U.S. Soccer Federation. The addition of the machine has transformed the lobby bar into a coffee bar, complete with Nike coffee cups adorned with their iconic swoosh logo. It’s clear that Nike understands the importance of coffee in the team’s culture and has gone above and beyond to support their obsession.

Although the USWNT spends most of their time in the hotel, they do venture out occasionally to experience the local coffee scene. While Starbucks is available in the area, some players have taken the opportunity to try the local brews. For some, like defender Emily Fox, it has been a new and exciting experience. The smaller portion sizes and different flavors have offered a change from the usual routine, adding to the adventure of being in a new country.

Bonding and Recognition

While enjoying their coffee runs, the players have encountered fans who have made the trip from the United States to support them. Being recognized by fans while trying to relax and enjoy a cup of joe can be both exciting and overwhelming for the players. They appreciate the support from their fans but also crave a sense of normalcy and the ability to have casual conversations with their friends. Nevertheless, the players acknowledge the incredible support they receive and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Coffee has become much more than just a source of caffeine for the USWNT. It has become a central part of their team culture, fostering socialization, and creating camaraderie. The shared love for coffee brings the players together, providing moments of relaxation and connection amidst the intensity of the tournament. Whether it’s in the hotel or out exploring the local coffee scene, coffee has become a vital ingredient in the team’s success.

The USWNT’s coffee obsession is not just about a love for a good cup of joe. It serves as a symbol of unity, a way for the players to bond and relax, and a reminder that they are in this together, not just as individual athletes, but as a team. So, the next time you see one of the USWNT players sipping on their coffee, remember that it’s not just a drink – it’s a symbol of their dedication, teamwork, and love for the game.

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