Who won Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis? Bizarre end to rivalry between YouTube and MMA stars on KSI vs Fury card

Logan Paul dominated a listless Dillon Danis for six rounds but ended up winning by disqualification when Danis inexplicably tried for a guillotine in the final seconds of the fight.

It was an embarrassing performance from Danis, who relentlessly trolled Paul for months on social media. He promised to finish Paul but rarely threw a punch as Paul calmly bounced punches off of his foe for the entirety of the fight. 

What was once simply a battle between an influencer and an MMA fighter has become something much bigger as the bad blood has spilled over into multiple altercations whenever the two have been in the same vicinity. The vitriol nearly prevented the fight from happening as Paul suffered a cut earlier in the week when Danis hit him with a microphone.

For all the talk, Danis appeared completely uninterested in walking the walk and followed Paul around, talked to him and simply covered up as Paul pounded on his face and body. When Danis did throw, it would be an awkward backhand or a lunging hook that Paul easily escaped from. 

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In the final round, Paul began to look for the knockout against an unwilling opponent. But Danis tried to save himself from the embarrassment of losing a boxing match by shooting for a takedown. Paul shrugged off the attempt and Danis was docked a point for the attempt to turn it into an MMA bout. 

In the waning seconds, Paul landed a combination but Danis closed in and attempted a guillotine choke. Paul again escaped the attempt and tried to hit his rival as he fell to his back.

With it obvious that things were getting out of hand, security poured into the ring. Danis swung frantically at security — more than he did the entire fight — as Paul calmly stood on the corner turnbuckle and raised his hand in victory. 

Paul would have comfortably won a decision with scores of 60-53 before the disqualification. 

Nobody was hurt in the melee and Paul appeared to be happy that the fight was over. The influencer said that he wasn’t done boxing but plans to return to the WWE and called at current United States champion Rey Mysterio. 

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